The TPP into the DPJ Manifesto?

The TPP/general political news is coming thick and fast today. After having heavily edited my previous post after first publishing it (may require a reread – apologies) Noda in making his way to Fukuoka to tout the DPJ’s achievements in government has seemingly raised the stakes by suggesting (日) that the DPJ would indeed put both the TPP, and the ASEAN plus 6 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in its manifesto for the next election. Noda may have shown a taste of what kind of “centrism” he may show – today’s Fukuoka trip (日), looking like an early start to the campaign, was constructed to focus on Noda’s interaction with Japan’s important, successful, but unheralded SMEs, including with young entrepreneurs. *

Who needs the Keidanren?

*While cruising the wonderful Hakata area, Noda purchased two inscribed hats, one reading “responsibility for tomorrow” and another reading “decisive politics/politics that decides” (「明日への責任」and「決断する政治」). Hard to avoid the feeling the election season is indeed about to start. 

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