I’m madly making preparations for my upcoming PhD fieldwork in Japan, which is making a dent in blogging. As it should. There is also the small matter of my son turning five and his starting elementary school. As it is there is nothing of extreme interest going on in the political sphere, except for some Abe Shinzo weirdness.

Anyway I’ll be arriving in Tokyo October 7th and leaving again at the start of December. Waseda University’s Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies has been gracious enough to officially host me as an affiliated researcher for my time in Japan. Needless to say this will help my credibility in the sense that people won’t wonder why some random weirdo from New Zealand is asking them for their time. Instead they’ll just wonder what some Japanese university affiliated weirdo from New Zealand is asking for their time. Big difference.

I don’t talk about it much, but my research is on the potential impact of generational change on Japan’s future foreign policy. It’s a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods. If any readers know people in the their 30s (late 20s, early 40s ok also), actively involved in Japan’s external relations (broadly conceived – ie not just officials and politicians), who you think would make good interview subjects for such research, then don’t hesitate to send me a message ( corey.wallace at gmail.com ). I’ll be down south of Tokyo (Kansai-Chuugoku-Kyushu) for a couple weeks at some point also.

It’s only fair to mention my “sponsors” for this research, the University of Auckland and the Asia New Zealand Foundation, both of which provided research grants.


6 thoughts on “Absence

  1. As I am far away from politics I cannot provide any usuful information. But I just think Japan is not a safe place about radiation even in Tokyo. So it would be good to carry a radiation detector with you. Any way I wish you have a great time in japan.

    • Many thanks. I have family in Fukushima so I feel making a big fuss out of being in Tokyo would be somewhat rude. I eat a lot of bananas so I would be more worried about that 😉

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