Light entertainment from Fukushima Mizuho

Leader of the Socialist Democratic Party, and one of Sigma1’s 3 favourite “are you kidding me?!” politicians, Fukushima Mizuho (along with Ishihara Nobuteru and Kamei Shizuka) had some stinging things to say (jp) about three of the main candidates for Prime Minister.

Describing Noda Yoshihiko, Kaieda Banri, and Maehara Seiji as the “three yes-men” she explains:

Noda is the Ministry of Finance’s yes-man、Kaieda is the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s yes-man、and Maehara is the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and America’s yes-man” (sucks to be you, Seiji-san). I am surprised her next words were not “who’s next?”

Apparently she fears that Kan’s replacement will be even worse than Kan. I’m surprised that she didn’t mention ultimate yes-man Kano Michihiko as the Minsitry of Agriculture’s, but maybe he is the good kind of yes-man.

8 thoughts on “Light entertainment from Fukushima Mizuho

    • The SDP’s power base is rapidly shrinking so it may only be a matter of time before you hear little from her! The party has outlived its purpose and no longer has any clear principles. At least with the Communist Party in Japan they, never having been near power and seemingly not interested, keep soldiering on with their loyal 4% or whatever 🙂

    • Two ministries and an entire foreign country? He must be a genius to be able to reconcile all of those bureaucratic imperatives! I will give you “an element of truth” in the sense it is an open secret who Washington DC wants to be PM, and the MOD/MOFA will also be happy, but anyone who thinks in such self-assured yet simplistic terms as Fukushima does is deserving of ridicule. Fukushima’s self-righteousness at the best of times is something to behold.

      Maehara is one of the few politicians who over time has had a pretty consistent ideology and policy disposition, which I am sure the SDP greatly disagrees with, but at least he has a consistent world view from which to argue. Who knows what the SDP really represents these days. Anyway, yes-men don’t have tend to be consistent or have ideologies or world-views. If Maehara does win it will be of great interest to me to see how bitterly disappointed the US will be with their “favourite” 6 months down the track, for a number of reasons, political and personal.

  1. alas, this is Japan, and Kaeda – the most colourless person in modern history, is going to win the PM trophy.

    Can we now have Elton John sing his “goodbye” song, please?

    • Biggie, this possibility has been growing on me as the weekend progresses. It all comes down to whether Ozawa really controls 130 votes instead of the 70 I’ve heard insiders say. If he does then if Noda finishes second ahead of Maehara, possibly with the strategic backing of some of Ozawa’s group then yeah PM Kaieda, low approval ratings from day one and possibly the end of the DPJ…I just hope somehow the DPJ can bring the LDP down with it!

  2. Actually, I personally would wish for Kaieda to win, just so Ozawa and his goons can self-destruct with his petty politicking as well as shield Maehara from all this mess.

    From how I see it, Kaieda winning serves as a blessing in disguise for Maehara, in which he can portray to the rank and file members of the DPJ (who are overwhelmingly sick and tired of Ozawa) that he did all he could to halt the Ozawa menace, but was held back by all those Ozawa stooges in the Diet. He can thus stay untainted by any of the mess that Kaieda and Ozawa will come across until the 2012 leadership election in which he may come back even stronger than before.

    • Yeah I see your point of view here and I agree that it would not be the worst thing for Maehara to lose. If he does lose it would be advisable for Maehara to stay out of cabinet etc (although he may not have that choice!) to allow him to be the “clean” candidate (in terms of not being associated with either the Kan or Kaieda administrations) in an election that takes in the votes of local office holders and paid up DPJ subscribers. The downside I see however is that if either of Kaieda or Noda wins then they will likely start off with low support ratings and that will not allow them to appeal to the public to pressure the opposition to move legislation through the Diet, and while it might lead to those administrations failing, it might also deal a fatal blow to the DPJ that Maehara might only be able to take advantage of if he leads his grouping of people outside the DPJ in some kind of political realignment.

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