Japan to start exporting arms by 2012?

I have a post up at Japan Security Watch looking at a report that was released yesterday that argues for a relaxation of the current arms export restrictions Japan has.

In other news, go here for a good concise run down of ex-Reconstruction Minister Matsumoto Ryu’s weirdness.

For those who are not well disposed towards reading, here is PressTV’s report on the situation. Includes Koizumi Shinjiro FWIW.

The LDP’s least insufferable member Kono Taro has been suspended from all executive LDP party positions for about one year. The LDP senior leadership has been suggesting again the possibility of a “grand coalition,”  with the DPJ to extend its life, which along with the situation around the Hamada expulsion, and the suspensions/punishment of those that voted to extend the Diet session like Kono, is likely to lead to tension in the party.  As suggested before, the LDP could be in for a rough period – discussions about party reform, including the killing off of party factions for once and for all, has seemingly stalled and senior party officials nixed the idea. The party has committed to reconsidering its policy on nuclear power, but who knows if that is genuine or a temporary measure to placate the public and/or those interested in renewable energy within the party.  Time will tell. In fact the party couldn’t even come to an agreement on whether to make the LDP building a no-smoking area – an internal party decision was overturned by its Vice-President Oshima who was having none of that.

It would be worthy of derision, if it wasn’t for the equally sad and significantly more consequential problems the ruling DPJ is facing as a party.

Update: Japan has indeed since subsequently relaxed the restrictions on arms’ exports. Please see here for detailed background, and here for translation of, and commentary on, the document.

4 thoughts on “Japan to start exporting arms by 2012?

  1. It would be good for the economy. Expansion and maturation of the M.I.C would be good for an economy at 211% GDP to Debt ratio…..ANYTHING at this point that brings IN money would be good…in my brief opinion 🙂

    • Yeah pretty hard to deny that economic benefits aren’t on their minds but of course it isn’t polite to say so 🙂 Ultimately I don’t think the Japanese public will worry to much as long as they aren’t selling guns to Somali warlords or cluster bombs to Myanmar or some other regime of ill-repute.Or arming potential future enemies. And it’s a sad but inescapable fact that military innovation is a important source of innovation in the modern world.

  2. T. Kono – and another bites the dust. Pity. When oh when will the Minds come together?

    My job requires me to deal with the little boats that have those funny shooting toys. Boys will be boys. Sometimes I am conflicted.

    • Possibly in the long run it might not be so bad for Kono. If there is an election sometime in the future then with the current leadership if both parties I’d be surprised if either of them got a clear majority. With both leadership groups being discredited by such a result it would be up to the younger groups in each party to come forward and figure something out. That or someone like Masuzoe could act in the role of a Sakamoto Ryoma like character and form a government by attracting a small group of reform minded members from one of the parties to form a unity government with him and one of the two big parties, likely the one with the most seats as a matter of protocol. I’m sure Kono would be a player in such a situation. But who knows what’s going to happen in the next month or so!

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