Duelling Perspectives

Japan Security Watch has a couple of posts based on a Dispatch Japan article by Peter Ennis, and a piece published by the CSIS under its Japan Chair Platform. These are both on the Futenma problem and have a very different view on recent events and what the issue really is with force realignment. I have provided a response at JSW to the CSIS article here. The originals are here for Peter Ennis, and here for CSIS.

2 thoughts on “Duelling Perspectives

  1. To touch something huge lightly…I think they should ammend this countries constitution b4 anything else. A retooled and robust Military Industrial Complex would be an economic plus and create real leverage in negotiations. IMO

    • There were some moves to revise the arms ban late last year but they got shuffled aside by political irrelevancies. This wouldn’t even need a constitutional revision, just a cabinet decision as that is all the ban itself is. I think it is inevitable that the arms ban will be relaxed as it will create some economic opportunities and it will also make sure Japan’s basic military research base doesn’t degrade, should it need to be ramped up in the future (not that the Japanese would ever say it out loud like that – but luckily they don’t need to because the Chinese are pretty good at reading the tea leaves too – ie “don’t get too much in our face China, because you know what you will like less than a strong America? Yeap, a strong Japan.”) Some say that Japan’s ATX-D program ( http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2011/06/30/359002/first-flight-of-japanese-atd-x-likely-in-2014.html ) is part of a negotiation tactic to get the US or the Eurofighter consortium to give Japan some of the manufacturing pie when it starts purchasing next generation fighters, so your comment about leverage in negotiations is spot on. I think discussion on changing the constitution will come again in the next few years once Japan recovers from the earthquake and deals with its social and economic problems. Which I think makes sense, to do it in that order!

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