1 month, 1 day later

I have received word from HQ that a momentous event has taken place. Quakebook is now on sale. It is reasonably priced at$US 9.99 and it has submissions from Yoko Ono, William Gibson and Barry Eisler, some brilliant artwork, and submissions from a whole range of Japanese and Japan-interested folk who were blown away by recent events. Assuming it survived the editing process, I have a small piece on my experiences of viewing from afar the Christchurch and the Tohoku earthquakes (AKA my New Zealand and Japanese homes). Importantly, it has been an amazing experiment in the use of social media to do something important rather than indiscriminate rambling (which I am sure many of us will revert back to at some point). And, most importantly, every single cent will go to the Japanese Red Cross. None to Amazon or the books promoters or writers or anyone else.

It’s really all good and I hope you all feel generous.

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