On hold

It has been over a month since I have posted, which I am sure will have been unbearable for most – posting will recommence in December. This month I have to finalize my first year provisional goals, including a research proposal, a theory and literature review chapter, and an ethics proposal. Which is a shame because there has been much of interest to comment on, particular in the area of Japan’s security evolution (like the recent possible movements on the arms export ban (ja) and in regards to Japan’s participation in PKOs.)

4 thoughts on “On hold

  1. Hm, ethics proposal. How about “I propose we follow the established ethics guidelines for research in our field.”?

    It puts me in mind of funding applications where you usually have to state the impact on gender and how your project will address gender-related issues. That makes perfect sense in a lot of fields – you usually want to make sure experimental subjects are both male and female for instance. But when your project is about modelling a specific brain area or building a robot it can become a bit difficult to answer. Big agencies can’t really tailor their material to every single particular field so it’s not surprising, but it’s always a bit stressful trying to make up something reasonable. I know applied mathematicians often have to answer this, with even less clue of what to actually say.

    • Janne, I am certainly with you on this one.

      They have tried to streamline this one at my university, but apparently interviewing people, and interviewing them overseas is enough to force me to prepare a full ethics approval application. There is apparently another route which is the “low-risk” route which is not much more than saying what you have suggested and then submitting a form.

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