Ozawa Appreciation Society?

Seems Ozawa has changed his tune and will front up to the Deliberative Council on Political Ethics, to “explain” himself as many have been calling for. The timing is interesting. Also, what an interesting man – according to this article (jp) he adds with some delicious irony “I’ll front up to the council any time – I was the one who created the council, ya know.” And indeed it appears that in 1985 as Lower House Steering Committee chairman that he did.

I think my point is made.

Also, it seems that Masuzoe has figured out before everyone else that there cannot be too many “third pole” parties. He has thrown down the gauntlet in front of Your Party’s Watanabe Yoshimi suggesting that he believed that Watanabe along with himself  were clear on who was “the no.1 enemy” (Ozawa – that man again).  He then slandered Watanabe’s good name by casually alluding to the fact that some people have suggested that Your Party are “DPJ II”. I am sure they will be now!!

To be sure Watanabe had a pretty sensible comeback  saying that they would not be any pushover in any coalition and in fact they could exert some positive pressure by being the “casting vote”. He did make sure to suggest that while the DPJ were imitation reformers, YP is the real thing, and that Masuzoe and he would be better off if they did not go into battle against each other. Apparently Masuzoe was also probably alluding to history between Watanabe’s father and Ozawa around about 1993 – Watanabe Michio (who was a Minister of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Vice PM in his time) was thinking of leaving the LDP in 1994 and apparently was considering an offer from the at the time shinseitou boss, who went by the name Ozawa Ichiro. After failing three times to get the LDP presidency, his interest was piqued by a possible prime ministership.

Update: The timing is indeed interesting. Shisaku explains why.

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