But I thought he said he was…..

Fukushima Mizuho appears to be a little bit miffed that Kamei Shizuka and the PNP are not going to back her in her attempt to have some influence over Hatoyama government’s proposed slightly modified version of the 2006 agreement. She shouldn’t be. And I am sure she really isn’t. Yes he said they were going to work together to try and force the government to take into account the feelings of the people of Okinawa. And yes now he is saying that the SDP should not have a “specific individual” opinion in regards to this issue (which, sounds very rich coming from him given the shameless circumvention of Cabinet protocol that we see in his attempt to push through the Postal bill).

But Kamei has one single minded objective for the next couple of months – to hold the coalition and the Hatoyama government together for as long as possible and at any cost so that his revised Postal Privatization bill can make it to parliament. With a change in coalition (I am sure the DPJ could survive for a month as a semi-minority government) or in the orientation of the DPJ leadership I think he is very aware that the bill at best will not be voted on anytime soon, possibly to be left on the back burner indefinitely, or outright stricken from the policy manifesto. A Futenma disagreement provides the perfect opportunity for the PNP to strengthen its hold and keep the DPJ hostage for a bit longer over what I think is a frankly idiotic bill. After all, given that he and his party will descend into political irrelevance post HoC election, this will be his last meaningful political act – and last shot for revenge.

No one should be in two minds otherwise.


2 thoughts on “But I thought he said he was…..

  1. Thank you for the visit and comment you left on my Sendai-shi blog. I am in the process of rebuilding it so there is more old stuff to come. I started to write “new stuff” and I guess it is new but is all over 54-56 years old. If it is worthy, please mention the blog to others who may be interested in seeing what it was like during the Occupation. To me, it is astonishing to see such traffic because in those days there was none and no stop signs and no traffic lights and now and then by the train station there would be a policeman standing on a wooden box directing traffic; such as it was, but mostly bicycles and walkers.

    • It certainly is worthy! It is so interesting and surreal to see something so familiar yet, unfamiliar at the same time. I look forward to the revamped blog!

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