Friday afternoon news.

Wow, it is all coming thick and fast today off the Japanese newswires. GRU Minister Edano and perhaps damningly, supposed ally Kan Naoto have come out suggesting that Ozawa’s recent additional troubles will have a negative impact on the HoC election and that he should perhaps consider explaining some things.  Transport Minister Maehara Seiji has taken some time out of his Washington trip to reflect likewise on the issue. Which should not be surprising really the antipathy between the two.  On top of all of this U.S. Ambassador Roos has been called back to the U.S. for a chat it would seem, suggesting movement on the Futenma issue. And Cabinet has decided to go through with the Postal Privatization rollback and a bill has made its way through Cabinet – due to come into force October next year. With May being, well tomorrow, the intrigue looks set to begin.

Oh, and there is an arrest warrant out for Paul Watson of Sea Shepperd fame.


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