In short

Only a third? Japanese politicians have indeed been living in a fairyland the last 50 years. If 2/3 of newcomers, many likely to have been PR resurrections, are getting their voices heard, then that is actually quite remarkable.

In most parliamentary democracies even being a minister does not guarantee your voice will be heard, especially if you are outside Cabinet. In New Zealand, the “inside word” is that the power mostly resides in 5 or 6 ministers inside Cabinet.

Masuzoe is still leaning on his party to make some credible changes. This could be fun.

This post by Shisaku made me happy. Sticking it to insubordinate “Crown entities” when you (or your organisation) are in the position of power and have government backing is something I know to be very enjoyable. Especially when they have been sticking it you for x number of years!


4 thoughts on “In short

  1. Soma36 –

    The desperation of Kyodo’s headline writers to make nothing into something is both pathetic and infuriating. Slightly more than a third of those sent the survey even bothered to respond (57 out of 143) and only 4% (2 out of 57) of those who responded felt that the atmosphere inside the DPJ makes it difficult for them to get their opinions heard.


  2. Is it just me or maybe they simply know what side their bread is buttered on? Why bother replying to something that is phishing for a confession of how terrible it is to chafe under Ozawa? The dude got them elected, who’s gonna want to backstab that?!

    • Climate Morio – That would be the sensible analysis wouldn’t it! I very much doubt many of them thought they would have their opinions listened to in careful detail. I am sure that they are all sophisticated, ambitious people – they would have realised the way things were going to go for their first term at least.

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