Why would I say that?

Now this is interesting and unless I am missing something, a little unnecessary, unless some more intrigue is to come…

Hatoyama has specifically denied telling Ozawa that he wanted him to do his best in his current role as DPJ chief secretary in response to Ozawa’s  polite request to do so after confirmation that he would not be indicted for the latest political donations scandal. As the article points out this is most definitely unusual – this is a direct contradiction of Ozawa’s recollection. Hatoyama emphasises that he only responded with a yes to less polite Ozawa request to continue in the role.

Yukio sensing a weakness? If only he was that politically astute!

2 thoughts on “Why would I say that?

  1. It is indeed quite interesting how the Japanese media are reading into every little turn of phrase being used by the politicians. I agree that it is not so much a case of Hatoyama sensing a weakness in Ozawa, but perhaps some political instinct (shaped perhaps by the earlier fallout from his telling Ozawa to fight the PPO’s allegations) told him to be more careful with his words when dealing with Ozawa-related matters.

    • For Hatoyama to show some political instinct is welcome! I suspect that with Edano’s promotion to Cabinet as GRU Minister/further meetings of the “seven magistrates” this narrative about Ozawa losing power within DPJ will only thicken. Time will tell I guess.

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