On Money

An interesting article on Asahi today. Apparently the average value of assets held by lower house members has dramatically decreased since the previous election. The main reason of course is due to the influx of new DPJ party members.

The numbers do not include “normal” bank accounts ie everyday transaction accounts, or assets under family member names, or assets “on hand”.

Overall the average lower house member asset base has decreased from 49.84 million yen to 31.51 million yen. A decrease of about 40 percent. (very approximately US$500,000 to $300,000)

Party by Party:

LDP down to 50 million from 57 million (12.5%), DPJ down to 26 million from 41 million (36.5%) Komeito 11 million from 12 million (8%). SDP 17.5 million from 18 million (3%), Peoples’New Party 45 from 51 million (12 %). Communist party members on average were the only ones to have gotten richer (??!!) increasing their asset wealth in the last four years from an average of 5.39 million to 6.79 million (26 percent increase) yen.


Another related article here. With so many new members for the DPJ there was a significant amount of new information which had to be announced on the 140 new odd new DPJ lower house members. Notable points:

One Kayoko Isogai, who made a bit of a name for herself for taking care of her parents and featured in magazines talking about the experience was revealed to have a few more assets than people expected. (27 million yen – $270,000).

Our friend Mieko Tanaka reported in as having zero assets. 3 of the new members had fortunes surpassing $1 million (100 million yen) and 7 reported as having more liabilities than declared assets.

Edit 2: One particular interest fact in the Kyodo English version is that first time law maker assets dropped from 28 million to 12 million yen in only 4 years.


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