Big day

Problem with living in a small country with low levels of corruption, high degrees of political transparency, a reasonably moderate electorate and a political system dedicated to forming consensus on key issues that everyone already knows 90 percent of the populace agrees upon within some reasonable bounds, is that elections tend to be dull – in terms of both controversy and debate, but also in terms of the actual real outcome. So I love nothing more than sitting down and watching democracy in action in countries of say, 100 million or more. As a “Political Scientist” in NZ I am starved of the excitement that any analysis you can offer on elections etc might be meaningful, no matter how nuanced or insightful it is. Opportunities like this provide an opportunity for me to at least pretend for a moment that my pet hobby is, after all, meaningful and important. Too bad it will not be covered on NZ TV like the US election was – cannot really justify ordering in pizza and sitting around with the computer next to me checking results/exit polls every three seconds. May have to be content with intermittent internet updates and looking at some rudimentary materials on East-Asian regionalism…..


2 thoughts on “Big day

  1. Wow, "mildly insightful" is what Our Man dreams of. He has to put up with simply being "marginally amusing". Occasionally.Nice blog BTW, looking forward to more posts.

  2. Sweet, a comment! I suspect for a few more months I will have to put up with a bit role while all of our other "quite insightful" bloggers continue their production – but roll on January and I hope to start on my journey. You are right though – even mildly insightful may be a bit much – perhaps "accidentally insightful" might be a better aim 🙂

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